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Decoration Removal at the Cemetery

From City Ordinance, Section 11-217, all decorations (except for approved, permanent vases & grave markers) must be removed from graves by the first Monday following Memorial Day; the first Tuesday after Mother's Day & Father's Day.  Decoration removal after Christmas should be completed by the seventh day after the holiday.  Following those dates, all decorations will be removed by the City.  

During non-holidays, no decorations are allowed on graves except for flowers in permanent vases.

No plantings of any kind are allowed.  No enclosures of any kind are allowed (fences, hedges, ditches or the like).  "Benches, urns, boxes, shells, or other similar articles of any description being inconsistent with the intended usage of the cemetery are prohibited..."

If you have any questions regarding cemetery policies, please contact City Manager, Kevin Trease, at City Hall (918) 534-2272.