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Please Update Contact Informaion

  The Dewey Public Works department would like to have customers update their telephone numbers.  Having current information will allow the City to keep in touch with its customers for a variety of possible scenarios. 

  The City would like to implement a system that will notify all customers by phone (cell phone or land line) of upcoming water line repairs or other reasons we would need to turn water off in your area, or the entire city.  We could also send notifications of street closings, reminders to pay your water bill, new City ordinances,  upcoming Dewey events, etc.   

  When you drop off your water payment, write your current phone number(s) on the lower half of the bill or on an envelope or piece of paper with your payment.  If you pay in person, let us check our records to see if your phone number is current.  You may also email your information to or phone it in to the office (918) 534-2272.

  We want to keep you informed!  Please help us by keeping our records up-to-date..