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New Residential Trash Policy

 The Dewey City Council passed a revised garbage removal ordinance for residential customers utilizing the city's service.

Part 17, Chapter 5 Section 17-501 is hereby amended to read as follows:


C.        All collections for residential premises shall be limited to a maximum of three (3) cans or six (6) bags or any combination thereof where two (2) bags equals one (1) can. In limited circumstances and where an undue burden is not placed on the collection crews, this limitation may be waived by the sanitation department. The limits are doubled on the first collection day for any route following a holiday where collection was not made on its regular scheduled date due to the holiday.

            Receptacles used for storage of refuse materials shall be water tight and meet the following specifications: The trash cans shall be of a durable grade of galvanized metal or other suitable material form twenty to forty-two gallon capacity and weighing less than twenty-five pounds empty or seventy five pounds fully loaded with normal refuse. They shall be provided with two lifting handles on opposite sides. If larger containers are utilized, the collection crews shall not be required to lift the container nor remove any loose debris from the bottom of the receptacle.


            It shall be the duty of every occupant of a residential property or commercial property with can service to place all refuse in acceptable plastic or other hydrocarbon flexible bags not exceeding 40 gallons in capacity; such bags shall be securely fastened at the opening to prevent spillage of such refuse prior to collection.