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2015 Dewey Duck Derby Winners

 We had a spectacular plastic duck race on July 4!   It was a nail-biter at the finish line.  One duck was ahead of the pack by several feet at the finish line, only to run out of steam just inches from the checkered flag.  The duck behind that one also faltered at the finish line.  The duck that finally triumphed was duck #392, adopted by Amanda Wilson.  After that, the 2nd - 5th place came in one after the other in rapid succession.

There was a prize for the first duck to be "eaten" by the alligator obstacle.  The alligator must have eaten before the race, because several ducks would get close to going in his mouth, then they floated back out.  Finally, duck #387 went all the way through the gator's mouth, netting the adopter $50 in Dewey Bucks.

Here is the complete list of 2015 Duck Derby winners:

1st Place:  Amanda Wilson, 46” HDTV
2nd Place:  David Cleveland, $350 Visa gift card
3rd Place:  Avery Vincent, Samsung Galaxy tablet
4th Place:  Mandy Rossan, $75 Visa gift card
5th Place:  Lola Dunlap, $50 Visa gift card
6th Place: first duck to go through the alligator obstacle, Trevor Shepley
7th Place:  next to the last duck at the back of the pack, Gracie Bozman
8th Place:  duck at the back of the pack, Steve Smith

Winners will be contacted by phone.  If you have not heard from someone at City Hall by 8 am Tuesday, July 6, please call 918-534-2274 and ask for Cassie.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you for supporting Dewey's 4th of July celebration!  It wouldn't happen without YOU!