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Quotes accepted for Police Station construction




The City of Dewey is soliciting quotes for labor for the new construction of a police station/municipal court building. The square footage of the building is approximately 5075 feet. The City of Dewey shall be considered the general contractor of the project. Interested contractors are invited to submit quotes for the following projects;

1. Concrete finishing

2. Framing

3. Sheetrock hanging and finishing


The City of Dewey is also soliciting quotes for labor/material for the construction of this project for the following items;


            1. Electrical (including phone and data)

            2. Mechanical


Interested contractors are required to be licensed through the City of Dewey. Copies of the plans for this project can be obtained at Dewey City Hall, 411 E Don Tyler Ave, Dewey, Oklahoma. Quotes must be submitted to Dewey City Hall no later than August 15, 2018 at 10 am.