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Dewey's Book of Ordinances

Below are individual sections of the Dewey Code of Ordinances Book.  Each section is in .pdf format.  The Table of Contents can direct you to which section you are interested in exploring.  The book itself is available for viewing at City Hall, regular hours Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.  Newly adopted ordinances may not be shown in the .pdf version of the book below.  Presently there is no search feature for this version of the Ordinance Book.  Contact City Hall with questions (918) 534-2272.

City Officials, Table of Contents, Appendices


General Provisions

Administration and Government

Alcoholic Beverages


Building Regulations and Codes


Finance and Taxation

Health and Sanitation

Licensing and Business Regulations

Offenses and Crimes

Parks, Recreation, and Cemetery

Planning, Zoning, and Development

Public Safety

Streets, Sidewalks and Public Works

Traffic and Vehicles