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Trash Service

To begin trash service in the City of Dewey, you must come in to City Hall and fill out a contract. The deposit is $100 for your water/sewer/trash, paid at the time the contract is filled out. Your deposit is refunded to your account after 2 years of penalty-free service or if you move out of the city. Trash service is mandatory for residential properties inside the Dewey city limits and will be added to your water bill. Trash service inside city limits is $16.40 for twice a week pick up. Residential customers inside city limits also are charged $1 per month for mosquito spraying & street light expenses. Outside city limits the rate is $24.60 per month for twice weekly trash pick up (if you are within our service area).

A new portion was added to the Sanitation  policy in May of 2012:  Section 17-502:  Placement - Collection
A.  Garbage and trash receptacles shall be placed at the alley for regular collection service where the premises has access to the alley. In no case shall refuse or refuse containers project more than two feet into the alley or right-of-way.
B.  If it is not practical to collect and remove garbage and trash through alley collection, the owner, occupant or lessee of the premises shall place the receptaces at such point as the route supervisor finds and designates to be most accessible for collection and removal.
C.  In the business districts served by city container service, the route foreman will designate the area for placement of the containers for removal.
D.  For garbage and trash receptacle, placed at the curbside, the receptacle cannot be placed at the curbside before 4:00 p.m. the day prior to the regular scheduled pickup, and the receptacle must be removed from the area by 10:00 p,m. the day of the pickup. Garbage and trash receptacles cannot be stored within the front setback of any residence, nor can they be stored upon a porch or entrance way to the residence.

 On September 2, 2014,  Part 17, Chapter 5, Section 17-501 was amended as follows:

C.     All collections from residential premises shall be limited to a maximum of three (3) cans or six (6) bags or any combination thereof where two (2) bags equals one (1) can.  In limited circumstances, and where an undue burden is not placed on the collection crews, this limitaion may be waived by the sanitation department.  The limits are doubled on the first collection day for any route following a holiday as where collection was not made on its regular scheduled date due to the holiday.

          Receptacles used for storage of refuse materials shall be water tight and meet the following specifications:  The trash cans shall be of a durable grade of galvanized metal or other suitable material from twenty to forty-two gallon capacity and weighing less than twenty-five pounds empty or seventy-five pounds fully loaded with normal refuse.  They shall be provided with two lifting handles on opposite sides.  If larger containers are utilized,  the collection crews shall not be required to lift the container nor remove any loose debris from the bottom of the receptacle.

          It shall be the duty of every occupant of a residential property or commercial property with can service to place all refuse in acceptable plastic or other hydrocarbon flexible bags not exceeding 40 gallons in capacity; such bags shall be securely fastened at the opening to prevent spillage of such refuse prior to collection.


Debris Pick Up Program

Purpose of the Program:

The City of Dewey shall provide a scheduled residential debris pick up service for citizens within the corporate limits of the City of Dewey, Oklahoma. This service shall be for the purpose of collecting and disposing of debris such as junk furniture, appliances, small tree limbs, and other items that are not appropriate for regular solid waste collection. 

Debris Pick-up Guidelines:

  1. Residents of the City of Dewey may schedule a debris pick up at City Hall.
  2. This service is for residential use only. (no businesses)
  3. Debris pick up day shall be Wednesday.
  4. Load weight may not exceed 1,000 lbs.
  5. Debris must fit in an 8’ truck bed.
  6. Debris pick ups shall be scheduled on a first come first serve basis.
  7. Debris must be placed on the curb or in the alley. City workers shall not be permitted to enter private property for debris collection.
  8. Any item or substance prohibited by any regulatory agency will be refused.
  9. Debris shall not be placed in alley or curbside more than 24 hours before scheduled pick up time.
  10. Garbage and trash is prohibited.
  11. Construction debris is prohibited.
  12. The cost for such service shall be $50.00 and must be paid at time of scheduling.
  13. If any of the above guidelines are not met the city reserves the right to refuse service.

Tree limbs cut into 4-foot lengths and tied into managable bundles may be put out with your regular trash pick up.  If the tree limbs you have to dispose of are too large, they will not be picked up using the Debris Pick Up Service, as they usually exceed the 1,000 pound limit.